Producer Anders Thueson best known for SongPoTV and SongPoRadio on Arlington Community Cable and as founder of Songwriters and Poets Artist Alliance, has begun the process of launching a first of its kind Live Streamed and Safely Attended Outdoor House Concert Series that brings Artists and their Causes together for an affectionately named SongPo Summer Series at Historic Perrywood Manor home of the DMV Arts Network

Perrywood, History and a Good Idea…

Perrywood’s first foundation was laid in the mid 1700’s, a time of British Rule and Scottish Stewardship, tens of thousands of acres, likely larger than Prince George County were farmed and ultimately became a tobacco plantation. Today, the remaining 3.5 acres and the modern day Manor House stand proudly in the middle of a vast suburban mini mansion neighborhood and present a perfect place for us to present 14 weekly Summer Showcases every Saturday from 2-6pm beginning July 3 and ending October 2. Events that will bring Artists and Causes together for afternoons of Entertainment and Education in front of a live audience. The audience and virtual onlookers of the Live Stream will have the opportunity to experience a new way of inspiring awareness for important issues that face our society and the chance to witness artists showing their concern for a sustainable future. Our greatest hope is that the community responds to the call and shows their appreciation for our dedicated efforts to help those whose mission is a better future.

As an Artist you will have the opportunity to reach all of your fans virtually and to perform in front of an enthusiastic Live Audience on the vast lawns of Perrywood Manor. Our Team will capture every minute on private Live Broadcast and your fans will have the opportunity to watch as part of a free one month trial subscription membership to the DMVarts Network. Our social media team will engage with viewers in live chat to share their thoughts, answer questions and solicit donations for Artist and Cause. The Artist and Cause will share the four hours seamlessly to the viewing audience and have an opportunity to dig deep with the attending crowd. The post event party will cap the evening while our staff wraps up their day and the final outcome will be a generous portion of the proceeds going to the Artist and their chosen Cause (80% of Net) and the balance to our sustainability and the Perrywood Fund (10% each) As a bonus for the Artist and Cause our staff will post produce a mini documentary of the day to be shown on air, shared widely in all media and cast to archive for public record.

Directors Notes

We’ve directed you here to learn about this opportunity and to join us as Artist and Cause for the remaining August and September dates. Please contact us at: by June 30 to be considered for 2021.